Masterclass with Steven Farber

Join our Masterclass with Steven Farber on Wednesday, November 09, 2022
at 1:00 PM ET

Selling Like a Chameleon

1 - Learn how to identify your prospect's behavioral ""style"" to lead powerful, engaging discovery sessions that convert into more sales conversations at a high level.

2 - Stop pitching and start speaking your prospect's and client's ""behavioral language"" so that they see you as an expert in your field and more easily position yourself as a problem-solver, not just another annoying salesperson.

3 - Learn how to tap into your natural talents and quickly identify areas that need development to continually improve your unique selling style by leaning into your strengths, not away from them.

4 - Sales Leaders learn how to transform your team into a powerful, consistent, inspirational revenue-generating machine that always hits its numbers by knowing each rep's style and leading them in the way they need to be led.

5 - Know when to tone down your style to alter your approach with prospects and clients, and learn how to flex to their style to speak their 'language' and generate instant rapport to prevent losing valuable opportunities.









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