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Here’s what’s broken! Sales people…

  • Have profiles that are self-centered resumes
  • Connect and immediately pitch
  • Connect and never even attempt to start a conversation
  • Have no process and are simply performing random acts of social
  • Post and ghost, leaving their engagers high and dry
  • Share topics they want to talk about, NOT what their prospects want to consume
  • Cold call on LinkedIn, showing up as the spammer everyone deletes
  • Never leverage their existing connections for referrals

No worries, there is a path forward, one that will open up new sales opportunities on a consistent basis.


In order to succeed on LinkedIn you need to:

  • Develop a Value-Centric Profile That Attracts Quality Prospects¬†
  • Find and Engage Your Ideal Buyers
  • Receive a Consistent Flow of Referrals
  • Schedule More Sales Conversations
  • Build Trust and Credibility in the Marketplace
  • Become the Go-to Subject Matter Expert
  • Opens Doors and Close Business

Successful Social Sellers:

  • Create a Subject Matter Expert Brand That Attracts Buyers
  • Learn Warm Market Prospecting Skills
  • Find and Engage with Your Targeted Buyers
  • Engage Referral Partners That Lead to Opportunities
  • Certificate for Your LinkedIn Profile

Here's What You Get

Your membership includes 2x weekly LIVE access to sales and social selling experts. 

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or sales professional who is ready to leverage LinkedIn to start more sales conversations, then you are in the right place. Each coaching session is perfectly suited for the professional whose business relies on being authentic, entering your buyers’ ecosystem at a high level of credibility, and developing trusted relationships.

In this easy to follow, guided 12-week accelerator, you will master the essential building blocks needed to become a successful Linkedin social seller who easily schedules more qualified conversations consistently‚Ķ and without feeling uncomfortable or¬† ‚Äúsalesy‚ÄĚ.¬†

Valued at $997

Included in your membership: All-access pass to Social Sales Link's public classes (normally priced from $97 to $297 per course). 

In addition, dive into dozens of invaluable recordings featuring top-notch experts sharing their insights, strategies, and secrets for success in the dynamic world of sales and marketing. 

Looking for clever, innovative ways to use LinkedIn for sales?

Social Sales Link’s Free Content Library Membership and gain immediate access to:

  • ON-DEMAND Webinars, Members-ONLY MasterClasses, and our Pop-Up Webinars focused on starting more sales conversations on a consistent basis
  • Dozens of podcasts with tips and strategies
  • Access to 1x month group coaching call
  • An interactive Community of fellow sales pros who are using LinkedIn and social selling to take their efforts to new heights
  • Checklists to help you with LinkedIn and social selling tasks
  • Informational downloads on everything from A Day in the Life of a Social Seller to Exporting Your LinkedIn Connections... and many more

Our Community were created to ensure that you, our valued member, have a safe place for discussions and exchanges of information within Social Sales Link's family of products. We're committed to providing a Community that is quality-driven and full of information and beneficial comments and discussions from both members and SSL trainers and coaches alike.

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Our LIVE Drop-In Coaching Clinic Schedule

Each LIVE Drop-In Coaching Clinic session lasts one hour, and you are more than welcome to attend one or even both of the weekly sessions as part of your membership.

Our Drop-In Coaching Clinic schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays at 10:00 AM ET
Thursdays at 1:00 PM ET

Once you become a member, each session series above can be added to your calendar. When you add them, you'll notice that they are recurring indefinitely. No more getting new calendar holds every month! We will inform you in advance if a particular session is canceled (or added) due to holidays, etc.

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Investment: $1 for the first 14 days then $97 after

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