Prospect by Interview

An innovative fun and exciting way that business development professionals can start trust based conversations without being salesy.
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"Prospect by Interview" is a powerful business development program designed to help professionals start trust-based conversations without being salesy. We will capture your genius and turn it into a captivating eBook that is designed to gather insights from your prospects and referral partners and position you as a thought leader while identifying sales opportunities that can be followed up on after publication.

Add to this customized calendar links, personalized email templates, a tailored outreach cadence, and guidance on running the interview and the follow-up conversations.

Investment: First month $2500 then $1500 a month

(no contract)

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Prospect by Interview

✅Interview for eBook Content - We will engage with you to extract unique insights, turning your knowledge into captivating eBook content that will engage and impress your audience.

✅ Calendar Set-Up - Simplify your life. We'll assist you in organizing your schedule for maximum efficiency, ensuring you stay on top of your outreach game.

✅ List Building Assistance - We'd like to help you leverage LinkedIn or Sales Navigator's search capabilities to build a list of prospects or referral partners whom you'd like to interview.

âś… Write Templates and Cadence - Our team will craft personalized email templates and a tailored cadence to guarantee your outreach messages hit the mark.

âś… Review eBook
- We'll work with you to ensure your eBook is polished to perfection, with expert editing and feedback.

You're ready to go! We'll guide you through the process and reaching your prospects with confidence.

Monthly Prospect by Interview Subscription
(no contract)

Interview for eBook Content

Our continuous support means you can keep generating fresh eBook content that captivates your audience.

Tailor Templates and Cadence Training

Each month, we will customize the program and train you and/or your team on the new outreach campaign.

Create and Review eBook

Our team will work with you each month to develop compelling content and design each eBook with your brand story.


We'll keep you on track with monthly launches, so you're consistently generating leads.

Your Investment:

For the first month, your investment is $2500, unlocking the full potential of "Prospecting by Interview." From the second month onwards, your investment remains consistent at $1500 per month, ensuring you receive ongoing support and the tools you need for continued success.

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