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If your network can leverage LinkedIn to grow their business, and you’d like to earn a referral fee for introducing them to our proven LinkedIn programs, you are in the right place.

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About the Program

Social Sales Link's Affiliate program is open for all professionals who want to offer their network great value while earning 50% of collected revenue for the life of the client.

Once you sign up, you will receive a log in where you will find your unique links for Social Sales Link’s Three main offerings:

  1. Our free public library
  2. Our Coaching membership
  3. Our 12-Week LinkedIn Sales Accelerator

You will have access to our on-demand trainings, swipe copy for your marketing efforts, and other Affiliate only programs.

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Content Library

Looking for clever, innovative ways to use LinkedIn for sales?

Join Social Sales Linkā€™s Free Content Library Membership and gain immediate access to:

  • ON-DEMAND Webinars, Members-ONLY Masterclasses, and our Pop-Up Webinars focused on starting more sales conversations on a consistent basis
  • Dozens of podcasts with tips and strategies
  • Access to 1x month group coaching call
  • An interactive Community of fellow sales pros who are using LinkedIn and social selling to take their efforts to new heights
  • Checklists to help you with LinkedIn and social selling tasks
  • Informational downloads on everything from A Day in the Life of a Social Seller to
  • Exporting Your LinkedIn Connections... and many more
    We're always publishing new content to the Library.

Register today for your virtual "library card" to gain access to our vault of LinkedIn and social selling content. All at NO CHARGE to you.

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Your membership includes 2x weekly LIVE access to sales and social selling experts who will guide you in:

  • Transforming your LinkedIn profile to a value-centric resource
  • Prospecting strategies tailored to your business
  • Customizing templates to attract, teach, and engage your buyers
  • Developing and implementing tactical workflows
  • Building targeted lead list
  • Nurturing your existing connections
  • Client and networking referral strategies
  • Curating and sharing industry based content your buyers want to consume
  • Creating original content to position you as a thought leader and subject matter expert
  • Engagement strategies that start conversations
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Thought Leadership Content Program

Amplify your thought leaders, elevate your credibility in the marketplace, and create more trust-based sales conversations... without being salesy.

The program includes:

  • A 30-minute Zoom interview. The executive will be asked questions based on a predetermined topic.
  • Once a week 200-word blog based on the interview content
  • Four branded post quotes based on the interviewee's answers.
  • Four video clips that highlight the insights and value delivered in the interview.
  • Four branded audiograms that identifies the key takeaways of the interview.
  • A branded eBook that highlights the major insights of the interview
  • Two polls a month that opens the opportunity to engage to their network.
  • A branded video eBook that will leave a lasting impression and will elevate the thought leader's brand authority.
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Prospect by Interview

An innovative fun and exciting way that business development professionals can start trust based conversations without being salesy.

The program includes:

  • Interview for eBook Content
  • Profile Makeover
  • Calendar Set-Up
  • Build a Prospect List
  • Tailor Templates and Cadence
  • Review eBook
  • Launch
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Private Coaching Membership

Your Exclusive Guide to Start More Sales Conversations... Without Being "Salesy"

The program includes:

  • Four 1 on 1 Coaching Calls

  • 24/7Ā Community for Q&A

  • Immerse yourself in Social Sales Link's Library for hundreds of actionable sales resources

  • All-access pass to our LIVE and recorded Masterclasses with Sales and Marketing Experts

  • Access to our LinkedIn Sales Accelerator Program

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Sales Navigator Coaching

Unlock the Power of Sales Navigator and Supercharge Your Sales Success!

The program includes:

  • Zoom Coaching - Get 5 60-minute sessions with our Sales Navigator Coach, Stan Robinson Jr.

  • Recording Coaching Access - Receive full coaching call recording access

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